Monday, December 10, 2012

Claude, JHG Managing Director International, on his favorite project

"My favorite RI project of all time is Koi, without any hesitation. It is the most surprising, innovative and intelligent. Surprising, because it seems so obvious yet nobody thought of it before this year's RI! Innovative, because the bridge model has been around for 500 years and we still have not made use of it any differently."

"Just look at Venice's Rialto and Florence's Ponte Vecchio…They are intelligent concepts because they are win-win projects between the respective cities and its investors. The city gains a bridge and the investor's land rights for free."

"Koi, as a reimagined bridge, is a very rich concept. You can think of a bridge between: banks (e.g. left and right banks in Paris), cities (Buda and Pest), continents (Istanbul, between Europe and Asia), generations and cultures."

The team that took home the grand prize this year for Koi comprises of Véronique Mussche-Vanwetter, Alexandre Mussche, Nicolas Mussche, Maximilien Mussche and Marc Mussche. 

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