Wednesday, November 21, 2012

4 questions with Alexander and Lev

Russian creators of The Ark, Alexander Remizov and Lev Britvin, chatted briefly with us on what brought this multi-use environmentally friendly building together. 

Was there any specific natural disaster which was personal to your team that motivated you to create The Ark Hotel?

We have watched a lot of disasters on the Earth - both natural and technogenic, and they motivated us to create Ark hotel.

Your design is very admirable. With the uprising of natural disasters in recent years, people are open to solutions that attend to victims quicker. How would you circumvent the problem of the rich paying to stay in The Ark Hotel (to maintain high revenue) vs. disaster victims who really need housing?

The prefabricated elements are the base of construction, that let to assemble building in a very short time in a case of disaster. The high price depends on using luxury equipment. In the case of disaster the Ark hotel can be assembled cheap and in short time without using any luxury equipment.

What are the challenges your team needs to overcome to make The Ark Hotel a reality? 

Simply, we need to find an investor to build it.

What does the Grand Prize win at Radical Innovation mean to you and your team? How did it help your ideas take flight? 

The Grand Prize win at Radical Innovation helps us to promote the ideas of green building in Russia, because this award is obtained  in the U.S. - a country where the Green building are developed and implemented as anywhere in the World.

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