Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Radical Innovation Season 8 Finalists Announced

The jury has made its decision. 

From a pool of nearly 100 entries, the judges have hand-picked two finalists that will go on to compete for the grand prize at Hospitality Design Expo in Las Vegas on May 15, 2014. The student winner and honorable mention were also selected and recognized for their outstanding potential. 

Updated format

In the weeks leading up to May 15, the jury will be split into two teams to coach each finalist, challenging them to make a case for future development of the concept. A live vote will be placed at the live event for the best concept development strategy, and the grand-prize winner will receive $10,000 in seed money for the project.

Professional Finalists

Green Air Hotel
Jury Team: Simon Turner, James Wood and John Hardy 
Submitted by: Studio Twist
Submitters: Lip Chiong
Country: China

With the current crisis of air pollution crisis in China and hotels trapped in outdated generic buildings in urgent need of an upgrade, this hotel has interior and exterior green lungs where greenhouse gardens act as air filters to remove harmful toxins in the air and replenish it with oxygen.

Hotel 2020
Jury Team: Michael Medzigian, Jena Thornton and Wing Chao
Submitted by: Code Design Studio
Submitters: Natasha Bajc
Country: USA

Furnished with 3D-printed interiors, this hotel offers guests an augmented reality where the user can interact with the space through computations. The 3D-printed parts, reinforced with latest composite materials, not only enhances the “buildability” of structures, but also takes into account different emotional states of guests to increase the impact of the design.

Honorable Mention

Submitted by: Natalie Kwee & Caio Barboza
Submitters: 2B-1H
Country: USA

Short for “small lots”, this modular system will occupy unused vertical parking structures, allowing each guest to easily modify their experience using interchangeable amenities. The pods can be shifted up and down to create a variety of facades, and the system can be expanded upon or shrunk depending on the urban site it inhabits. 

The Student Winner

Sky Lofts on the Boardwalk
Submitted By: Evelyn Choy
Submitters: Evelyn Hartojo
School: University of Melbourne
Country: Australia

With the abandonment of monorail beamways in Sydney, Sky Lofts is the upcycling of these structures into pedestrian- and bike-friendly boardwalks with prefabricated accommodation, cafes and reception lofts. 

Stay tuned as we update you on the progress of the jury coaching sessions leading up to the live event in six weeks! 

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