Monday, April 1, 2013

Introducing the finalists of Radical Innovation 2013

From 70 stunning entries this year, the jury selected the 4 best concepts that provoke, confront existing hospitality limitations and expand the possibilities of the guest experience.

Pop-Up Hotel NY
Submitted by:
Submitters: Eric Tan, Fabian Busse, Leon Lai, Nico Schlapps
Country: United States, Canada, Germany

The design of the midtown Pop-Up Hotel focuses on the transformation of empty Class A office spaces (e.g. midtown Manhattan) into hospitality spaces. The Pop-Up Hotel is designed to be a means of urban revitalization, an economic catalyst, as well as an active community partner. 

Submitted By: Caro Fraser
Submitters: Caroline Fraser, Luca Valentini, Flora Olivieri
Country: Italy

Convergence is an urban hotel designed to maximize interactions between guests, office tenants and locals by merging their leisure, social and business needs and removing the barriers of usual functional spaces and increase human connectivity. 

Submitters: Jihyoon Yoon and Saeyoung Yoon
Country: United States

Guests are able to bring the hotel with them from city to city. Their movable suites are docked in local train stations, which serve as hubs for shopping, dining, and local activities. When moving to the next city, the suite is carried by the rail circulation system. 

The Studio-Pod
Submitted By: Michael Burch
School: University of Kansas
Country: United States

The ultimate work/live balance design, Studio-Pod creates a solution for students and professionals who spend most of their time in the studio. Studio-Pod is designed with simplicity, efficiency and comfort in mind – creating the ideal working environment to maximize productivity and build community. 

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